Hand Embroidery is not just about needle and thread work.  It nurtures and rapidly develops multiple life enhancing skills to thrive in this ever changing world  "
- Dr Kowchika
Easily Transform your life in multiple ways for a Brighter, Better, Successful Life!

No matter what stage in Life you're at now
Valuable life changing FREE information for everyone especially parents and children
Dr Kowchika

Hand Embroidery is a Low Investment High Output Skill
Here's How:

One method -> Many designs

Learn one simple technique and produce as many designs as you want.  

Infinite possibilities!
Easy embroidery 

Learn how Dr Kowchika began the Easy Embroidery Journey

No formal embroidery training but it did not stop Dr Kowchika creating many designs
ignore naysayers

Common misperceptions:
Embroidery is difficult
Many techniques to create designs
Its only for females of certain age

Its Time to Think OUTSIDE the Box!
Follow your Heart and Go for it NOW

 It's all possible no matter what stage in life you're at now.  

 It's all possible without prior experience

There is one thing we all need to succeed in life whatever we decide to do

All revealed inside
Personalised handmade gifts
Enjoy making many memorable gifts so easily for your loved ones from new born babies, children, grandchildren, all members of family and friends

Significantly enhance your life skills

Inspires creativity
Builds Patience and Self Discipline
Time management
Strengthens emotional development in everyone especially children
Enhances self confidence and esteem

Simply succeed in life with genuine inner confidence


Experience the feeling of accomplishment as you create your own products.
Enjoy all the positive feedback from family and friends for your creations.
Above all, feel proud of your success in positively transforming your life to a better, brighter, successful life 


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